remodel murfreesboro
Unfortunately, some houses were not built with you in mind. If your house is 25 years or older, it probably has more rooms (small ones at that) than makes sense. Pros: Well built, lots of brick, true masonry fireplace, good location, or good neighborhood. Cons: Too many small rooms, outdated decor and appliances, deterioration, termites or rot, needs repairs.

We Have the Following Solutions:

1) Make the necessary repairs to stabilize structure.
2) Remedy source of problems, i.e. bugs, water leaks, settling.
3) Remove some walls and open up the floor plan to make the same square footage feel and live bigger.
4) Update decor, appliances, new paint, flooring.
5) Increase light coming into the house through larger windows, sunroom additions, skylights, or a costumized addition to suit your needs. Murfreesboro Remodeling

If your house is 10 to 25 years old, it was big on style but short on structural integrity. 25 years ago the building industry changed, bigger was better - bigger, faster, cheaper. Structural integrity went out the window.

Foundation failures are now the result, as well as structural sagging, cracks and cracked brick work on the exterior walls and cracked drywall inside at corners and over doorways, just to name a few.

Fortunately today, builders, suppliers, and other industry professionals work together to enforce building codes that protect consumers from unscrupulous builders and so-called pros. Do your homework, check references, and choose wisely.

Whether your house is in need of expansion, outdated, or out of shape, we are the trusted, experienced professionals for all your home needs.